First of all, you need to know that black magic spells have to be done with the right intent and should never be used to harm someone. They aren’t about evil spells or devil worship; even black magic love spells bring love from one person to another

No one is harmed, and the magic is usually successful. It is also referred to as “dark magic,” and it involves a collection of practices that include the use of sorcery and the invocation or drawing upon somewhat malevolent spirits. Some people believe that black magic only involves harming individuals or destroying their property, but this is just not the case; it can involve the use of rituals, amulets, spells, and incantations


Suffice it to say that there are different realms of thought when it comes to black magic versus white magic. Some argue all magic is dark when we know this is not the case. There is the theory called the Dark Doctrine, which holds that dark magic draws upon the powers of darkness and represents a “left-handed” point of view. There are those that hold the theory that black and white magic are entirely different and that it is easy to tell the difference between the two by the intent of the spells. If this were the case, then black magic love spells would not exist because the intent of the dark forces is love and not something malevolent.

Some believe that white and dark magic are not the opposites of each other and are completely different in all ways—but not the opposite. Finally, there are those who believe that black and white magic blur together and are mostly separate but equal forms of magic. Dark magic differs from white magic only in the intent and the goals. Just as white magic can conclude to a bad end, dark magic can have a positive outcome. This is when white and black magic become shades of gray.