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Types of Jinn

Al-Jahiz states: “People distribute jinn into ranks. If the jinni lives with humans, he is called ‘Amir. If he is a jinni thatattacks young boys, he is called Ruh (pl. arwaah). If he is a malicious, haughty being, then he is a demon. If he is stronger than a demon, he is then a Marid. God said ‘We made the heavens secure against every rebellious satanic force.’ If he is more powerful than a Marid, then he is an Ifrit.”

1 – Jinn

When they mention the jinn in general terms, they use the word Jinni, pl. Jinn. They are the ones on the lower ranks. They are known to convert to Islam.

2 – Aamir (dweller)

If the jinni is one of those who live in houses with people, they call him ‘Aamir (dweller), pl. ‘Ummaar. Prophet Muhammad (saw) told us to warn a Jinn that lives in your house (mostly in the form of a dark black snake) – three times. If it does not leave the house on the third time, you then Kill it, because it is not a Jinn but a Devil.

3 – Rooh (spirits)

If the jinni is one of those who interact with children, they call them Ruh, pl. Arwaah (spirits). We hear a lot from our children seeing cartoons in real life. Ones who are scared of water speak of the same cartoonish things appearing in  water to them.

4 – Ghoul – Si’lah (Jinn Magicians)

Dwelling in deserts, deserted island and places where there are no human.
‘Sudden appearance and disappearance, cat like face, canine teeth and a forked tongue – Described by people who lived before Islam came to them. Hazrat Omar (ra) is known to have encountered a Ghoul on his way to Damascus, which he kills with his sword. This too, happened before Islam came onto them.

Furthermore, Prophet Muhammad (saw) also said:

“No one can change the image in which he was created. But jinn have some magicians among them as do humans, so when you see them (ghul), give the call to prayers (Adaan).”

And it will go away. Ghoul, however, is considered the Male magician, and Si’lah the female.

5 – Al-nasnas – Shiqq

Strangest of all, described as a man split into two, having half a body. Al-Jahiz speaks, that if a shiqq encounters a human, it beats him till he dies.
We already see Half-man diagrams in Witchcraft charms (key/portal for the demons). There might be a connection between a Shiqq and Jinn; But then a Hadith from al-Sahih:

“Some people of Aad rebelled against their prophet. God transformed them into nasnas, with one foot and one hand. They hop like birds and graze like beasts.”

This means people PROBABLY put another form of Visible creature into a category of Jinn. Only Allah knows.

7 – Shaytaan (devil – demon)

If the jinni is wicked then he is a Shaytaan (devil) plural. Shayateen.
It is mentioned in 100 verses of the Qur’an, where it mostly points to Demons (Devils) yet some places it points to Satan (Iblees). Devil (shaytaan) Refers to a type of Jinn representing Pure Evil. Most scholars claim that a Jinni may convert to Islam but a Shaytaan, in specific, can never become a Muslim. – Next Page

8 – Maarid (Demon+)

If he is worse than that (Shaytaan), they call him Maarid (demon)
The word Maarid occurs twice in the Quran. One in al-Haj:

“And among mankind is he who disputes concerning Allah, without knowledge, and follows every rebellious (disobedient to Allah) Shaitan (devil) (devoid of each and every kind of good)” (al-Haj: 03)

Word Maarid is used for ‘Rebellious Shaitan’ in the above verse of the Quran. Another verse in Surah An-Nisa,

“They (all those who worship others than Allah) invoke nothing but female deities besides Him (Allah), and they invoke nothing but Shaitan (Satan), a persistent rebel!” (an-Nisa: 117)

Al-Jahiz was referring to the above Maarid when he said thatAllah says, ‘We made the heavens secure against every rebellious satanic force ‘

He believed that the jinn, who can fly and are known to eavesdrop on angels, are Maarid.

‘And we have sought [to reach] the heaven but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames.’
‘And we used to sit therein in positions for hearing, but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.’
‘And we do not know [therefore] whether evil is intended for those on earth or whether their Lord intends for them a right course.’ (Al-Jinn: 8-10)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself described how the jinn tried to steal the messages in the heaven. Abu-Huraira reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) informed him, “When Allah decrees a matter in heaven, the angels move their wings in submission to His word which is like a chain on a smooth stone. When their hearts are delivered from fear they say, ‘What did your Lord say?’ and receive the reply, ‘That which He said is the truth and He is the Most High and the Most Great.’ Then those who listen by stealth hear it (i.e., the jinn), and they are like this, some above others (and Sufyan a narrator, illustrated this point by turning his hand over and separating the fingers). Then one who hears the word passes it on to the one below him, and so forth until one of them passes it to the tongue of a soothsayer or diviner. Often a flame catches him before he is able to pass it on. He then mixes with it one hundred lies. People then ask, ‘Isn.t it true that he not made such a statement on a specific date,’ and he is believed because of that one word which was heard from the heavens.” (Recorded by al-Bukhari in his Sahih)

9 – Efreet (Demon++)

If he is worse than that (Maarid) and is strong, they call him ‘efreet, the plural of which is ‘Afaareet.When Sulayman (Solomon(as)) asked his servants, which had Jinn in them , for who will bring him the throne of Bilqis (Queen of Sheba). One of his servants (Ifreet – a Jinn) replied to him and which has been in Surah An-Naml:

“An efreet (Powerful one from among the jinn) said, ‘I will bring it to you before you rise from your place(throne), and indeed, I am for this [task] strong and trustworthy’”. (An-Naml:39)

(we will write an article on how Allah had Devils and the wind and many other things – submitted to Solomon(as)’s command)

10 – Qareen

The Jinn which accompanies every Human from the mother’s womb till his/her death, is called a Qareen. Hadith from the Sahih says that, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

“Every one of you has been assigned a companion from the Jinn. The companions asked: Even you O’ Messenger of Allah? And the Prophet replied: Even me, except that Allah has helped me against him and he has submitted.”

Although People have categorized them as the above, we cannot be sure of how authentic they are. Except for those which source from the Qur’an & Sunnah. However it is mere categorizing, and does not speak of the real difference between them; we can at least be sure that they have Ranks in them, ranks according to their powers and their degree of rebellion.

Categories of Jinn, Categories of Jinn, Categories of Jinn

Jinns are used for different purpose, from Spells casting, voodoo, witchcraft


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