Health and life protection spells are among the many other protection spells you have to think about when your mind turns to personal protection and security spells. In life, we deal, on a daily basis, with forces that are a mystery to us.

We find ourselves in conflict with our friends over minor causes, we brood on our failures for a long time, we find ourselves resenting what we have become in life, and we sometimes grow an indifferent attitude towards all people around us.

This is not a new feeling; these manipulations have been around since the dawn of time. There are forces in the universe that we can’t fully comprehend the magnitude of unless we take time to look closely. We need the otherworldly view of things if we are to see the world properly.

There are things that nobody will truly explain to you simply because they are still searching for the answers themselves.

The role of spells is not only to explain why things happen as they do, but also to help align the things properly so that they happen as they should do.

My concern in this area is a result of my long years of magical practice and the long-studied behavior of humans. Sometimes when we fail to understand the cause of something, we find ourselves immersed in its disastrous effects that we did not foresee because of our prior ignorance.


In this world, we share the same blood but our hearts are totally different. When I talk about the heart I do not mean the shape (because that is the same), but I refer to our inner likes and dislikes, emotions and attitudes, fears and hopes, among others.

The insecurity deep within our hearts breeds what we magically refer to as ‘possession trance states’. These are simply deep emotional tractions that go beyond the physical or are spiritual.

We commonly apply them in modern beliefs to mean ‘possessed’ which implies one’s self-being taken over by an alien force.