This post is all about rare techniques from remedial section of Vedic Astrology. A technique which calculates a Tithi (lunar date) for a house in horoscope is discussed below – I will also be sharing a horoscope of a child with Autism!

The technique is – Observe Sun’s position in horoscope. Calculate Moon’s position from Sun – as in exact degrees.

  • Having calculated degrees above, multiply this figure with concerned house (counted from ascendant). For instance – finance will be second house, siblings – 3, education, home, mother – 4, ………… likewise spouse, marriage will be 7 and so on and so forth.
  • For an Autistic child the 4th house is important, as it also relates to education and mental buildup – other significations of 4th house is mother, vehicles, properties and so on.
  • If a native has dysfunctional health, we will take the lagna (1), if the native has lack of

Divide figure obtained above under (3) by 12 – a Tithi is equivalent to Moon being 12 degrees away from Sun. Dwitiya Tithi will be 12×2=24 degrees. Calculate Tithi and then prescribe remedies.

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