For more than 6000 years the hoodoo arts of voodoo tradition have been in existence and their practice has gone under numerous changes that you will probably fail to exactly pinpoint the source or the true form of voodoo beliefs and practices.

Voodoo or vudu as pronounced in African lingos is not the zombies or witch doctors or magicians that you see on TV in movies.

People’s perception on voodoo has changed for the worst due to the negative depiction of hoodoo (voodoo practices) by those who think that voodoo is all about evil spells or hexes and black witches looking out to cause harm.

However, Voodoo is a way of worship that is in some perspectives similar to Christianity. It has its origins in Benin, West Africa


As in all other beliefs like Wicca, Black magic, among others, spell casting is inherent in voodoo. Different spells are cast for different purposes but mostly they involve 60 percent being healing spells and the remaining 40 percent being for praying when in need for different things like blessings, good life, wealth, marriage, luck, to mention but a few; plus others for veneration of the dead.


⦁ They are numerous and function depending on what you want to be blessed in.

⦁ They require fasting from certain kinds of food and practices that sometimes seem most desirable.

⦁ They require a connection to the spiritual world since the blessings are given by the voodoo supreme god “Bondye”, (which is read “bon dieu” in French and literally means “good god”), to the caster through the spirits named “loa”.

⦁ The spell’s power takes effect within a given period which at most times does not exceed 30 days.

⦁ Most of the voodoo spells and rituals are performed outdoors since it is believed that the spirits are always roaming outside.

⦁ The spells for blessings at most times do contain diversity, for example a Blessing In Marriage Spell can involve subsets of blessing for children, blessing for money, blessing for love, among others.